ICSID 2018

Dubrovnik, Croatia, October 2 – 5, 2018

Aspects of a reliable structural durability

Vatroslav V. Grubisic, Prof. Dr.-Ing.

The economical aspects of our age resulting in the requirements to save material and energy as well as production costs and time, by possible lowest ecological impact on the environment, show that due to the unreliable design optimizations we have increased problems with the structural durability of technical products. Concerning the reliability requirements structures can be classified into so called primary and secondary components. Primary components are vital components, which fracture inerrupt the function of a structure or even can lead to an accident, with the danger for user and environment (so called safety components).The fracture of safety components is not allowed under specified usage and required life. In order to fulfill the requirements for a reliable structural durability care shall be taken about the influence of operating loads, design, material and production process. In the presentation the aspects of a reliable structural durability are treated and on examples discussed.